"72" - Wishing You Good QRP! (C) RV3GM, 1987     Design by RW3AA
Club "72" organized by founder of Amateur Radio "72" code Oleg Borodin RV3GM (Mr. 72) This is the International private Club united all "72" code users in the World. Since the code used by QRP (LP) operators  Club "72" is actually QRP (LP) Club devoted to promotion of Low Power Amateur Radio Communication in the World. The birthday of Club is January 14, 2010.

Phone: +7 960 148 7272       E-mail:
"It is not often that we get a new operating code in Amateur Radio, and to the best of my knowledge there has never before been one introduced specifically for QRP operators.     Some months ago Chairman of the U-QRP Club Oleg Borodin RV3GM suggested that QRP operators adopt the new code "72", meaning "Wishing you Good QRP:"
                  72 es 73, Gus Taylor G8PG - Chairman of the World QRP Federation (SPRAT # 68)
There are some Club features and priorities:
-  to award a really QRP (LP) activities;
- to use WW-locator instead or with cities names in QTH info;
- to use WW Fields/Grids for QRP (LP) statistics and ratings because it's more practical than "Countries" system;
- homebrewing and portable operating are highest  indexes of QRP experiense

Abbreviations and synonyms used in Club 72:

- QRP or LP (Low Power) - 5 watts output or less
- QRPp or VLP (Very Low Power) - 1 watt output or less
- Loper - Low Power Operator
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The Club 72 Calendar 2014 year

February 1, 2 - "The Snowman" Winter QRP Field Game
March 17 to April 7 - "Vanguard-1" QRPp Party
April 1 to 30 - "Look In the Horizon" QRP Marathon
October 4 to 18 - "Sputnik-1" QRPp Party